Hey Starbucks…

Yo. Starbucks. I have a pretty legit beef with you.

How about if you’re gonna offer soy milk, you mention somewhere CLEARLY that a tall latte with soy comes loaded with 19 grams of sugar per serving? And a grande has 25 grams!! That’s the whole daily allowance for a woman — it’s 6, yes, SIX, teaspoons worth. It also has 250mg of sodium. Dudes. WTF?

That’s shameful. 

Some people choose soymilk because they’re trying to make a healthy choice, and you’re sabotaging those efforts. Your customers may not even know how much sugar they’re mainlining into their bloodstreams, especially if they trust you and think they’re getting what they asked for — soy milk — and not soymilk jacked up on vanilla and sugar. You are causing nationwide sugar spikes, and for diabetics and other people struggling with chronic illnesses, that’s really bad.

Here’s a friendly request, because I do think many of the folks at Starbucks want to do the right thing. Offer the unsweetened kind — if people want it sweeter they can add sugar.

Unfortunately, my brother didn’t realize his soy milk latte contained a sugar bomb until he’d drank half of it. We checked his sugar. It was high. So, the remaining half of the latte went down the sink, and his cup in the garbage–see below.

I do want to point out that while the soy milk latte was bad for him, the Bluebird Grain Farms Einka Farro bag that you also see in the photo contained some super delicious and nutritious whole grain farro. No hidden ingredients in that package, and for that, we are grateful 🙂

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