The Magical Transformation of Chocolate Cake by Refrigeration

So, I’ve been getting into foodie stuff over the past couple of years (it coincided with me not having a law practice any more — something for which I shall forever be grateful to my husband for!). A couple of years ago I discovered the Chocolate and Zucchiniblog — by Clotilde Dusoulier, a Parisian foodie (and other things I’m sure). Right away I loved her site because she has both a french and english version, and offers a regular “Edible Idiom” post in which she takes a french food phrase and translates it — something the french language geek wanna-be in me appreciates very much.

I recently happened upon Ms. Dusoulier’s Chocolate Melt-in-your-Mouth Cakeand for some strange reason knew I had to make it. It’s strange because I’m more a salt than a sugar person — I rarely bake cakes, and if I do eat chocolate, I really only like a piece or two of good quality, not too bitter, chocolate. Anyway – this recipe spoke to me (probably because it looked easy, has a ton of butter and only one tbsp of flour!), hallelujah!!!

Although Clotilde clearly warns that the cake should be refrigerated for a few hours before eating, I initially chose to ignore that advice. The texture was this odd greasy, flaky crumby mess that didn’t actually taste that bad, but I wasn’t going weak at the knees for it. Fast forward to the next day, after some magical overnight refrigeration: it was fudgy and more solidified (yup, all that butter hardened right up), and then I took a bite. Wow. I’m drooling now just thinking about it.
Who knew that refrigerating chocolate cake can transform it so much!? Why didn’t I know this? I nonchalantly mentioned my discovery to my friend Stew, thinking this might actually be news to her, only to find that she was already aware of the magical powers of refrigeration… Dang, I have so much to learn!
Even better – it was a breeze to make. It’s already in my recipe folder.

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