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Three Things About Kids and Learning That You Should Know

Pi Day Celebration

Pi Day Celebration

Being somewhat self-reflective and slightly neurotic (although I’m told you’d never know it if you meet me, thank goodness!), pretty much every day I wonder if I’m screwing Devon up in some way. Do I coddle her? Does she need more structure? Should I step back and let her make mistakes? Should we impose more rules? What would happen to her grades if we stop asking questions?

Aside: Devon is a great kid, so clearly these questions are more about me.

So. When I found myself sitting across a dinner table from Jessica Sommerville, PhD, and Associate Director for the Foundations for Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Competence at the Center for Child and Family Well-Being at the University of Washington, I had to ask this question:

“What are the things you think parents need to know so they don’t screw up their kids, or at least so they can minimize the damage?”

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