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Abercrombie & Fitch Social Media Payback…

So, I saw this on Upworthy, and I LOVE it, except for the fact that it vilifies the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO a bit too much, and it makes fun of the way he looks, which goes against everything I’ve been trying to teach my kid. The CEO might be a bit of a socially irresponsible elitist jackass in his decision making and the way he runs his business, but making fun of his face just isn’t nice. You might think it’s too PC, but I prefer not to play that way — I think you end up with more credibility in the end.

Anyway, beside that, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea in this clip: clothe the homeless in A&F apparel. Read More →

Marketing Food to Kids (and how I’m a bit of a sucker myself)

Just about every other Monday I do a “big shop” at Safeway. I go right after I drop Devon at school at 7:45 AM (we have issues getting the bus–lame, I know). It’s always quiet and the lines are short, which is perfect because I really don’t enjoy shopping.

Except, I now find it a little thrilling.

“Why?” you ask. Well, let me tell you: Safeway tells me how much money I saved on my receipt, and I’m a sucker for that particular marketing ploy. Read More →

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