About Warm Bricks

Tracey and Devon

Devon and me.

This is for my daughter, Devon, and for me. Because I know that one day she’ll want the recipe for my carmel/chocolate/shortbread cookies, and maybe she’ll also remember all those cool studies her geeky mom kept going on about. I’m a political science PhD dropout and an ex-lawyer and a little nerdy. I like to read about the research that smart people are doing. And I’m a little jealous I’m not doing it myself.

Why “warm bricks”? One afternoon after cleaning the house all morning I laid down on the warm bricks of our front stoop. I felt like a kid again, soaking up the heat radiating up through me, looking up at the sky, and squinting and not worrying at all about what to do next.

I can be way too serious. Devon keeps telling me to just let go sometimes.

Devon thinks I'm too serious.

She thinks I’m too serious.

She tells me she loves it when I laugh.  This blog is to let her know that I hear her.  I’m going to try to take her advice.  Every now and then I’m going to lay down on warm bricks. And laugh more too!

See. I can be goofy.

Look. I can be goofy. See?

I love you Miss Devon.


2 Thoughts on “About Warm Bricks

  1. Wonderful idea and legacy.
    Devon will, I am sure, appreciate your writing if not now then when she has kids.
    I’m psyched to catch up virtually with you all, making those 400 miles disappear…almost 😉

    • Tracey on March 21, 2013 at 1:16 pm said:

      Thanks Rachelle! And thanks for the heads up on the Twitter issue. It’s been ages since I set this up, and I think it was connected to a different account. Who knows with these new-fangled interwebs.

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